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I learned something today

The nice folks at Smashwords control when I get my payment from them.

They take a percentage of the sales. That’s fine.

They hold my money in escrow until the end of the month. That’s peachy.

Then they charge me withholding fees for hanging on to my money before they deign to give me that money?

Of the $84.22 I had in escrow for them to give me, they charged $25.27, and handed me almost $60.

It’s a good thing I have a day job…

But let me get this straight:

As I understand fiscal relationships, the delay in clearing a cheque comes from the banks gambling with that money before they give you a cut of the profits that looks exactly like the money one expects to get.

So Smashwords has my money and -I assume- they are making interest off of it in the meantime… then they charge me for doing that?

I think I found the fishhook in this deal.

Edit - It’s tax. I’m paying tax. I am derp.

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if ur a lil obsessed with singing robots raise ur hand

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Yeah mine’s gonna be tricky. No lie

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Challenge #00582 - A207: Visiting an Ailing Friend

Hatchworth and Fluttershy in the world of SPG 

[AN: I almost tossed this and then I realised it was a different prompt]

Hatchworth was certainly an interesting friend. He spoke of interesting things, of humans and dragons and an assortment of interesting beings in a place called Kazooland.

Rather like Equestria, it was part of something bigger, and also made up of smaller realms. And, like Equestria, it thrived on magic.

Fluttershy watched as Hatchworth hammered a road sign into the earth on the other side of the tunnel. He’s left another like it on the Equestria side, pointing helpfully to ‘Snornia’. This one pointed helpfully to ‘Equestria’.

"Oh! There’s Up-grade’s cave." He added an arrow to the sign post and gestured for Fluttershy to follow. "You’d like Up-grade. She loves po-nies."

"F-f-ft-for breakfast?" Fluttershy squeaked.

"Non-sense," chuckled Hatchworth. "Ro-bots don’t eat."

It was a scary realm, which Hatchworth sung about in a cheerful way. And though the song contained vampires and zombies, it was oddly comforting.

The horde looked fake. It glittered and gleamed l ike it had too much to prove. And, clutching on to it and moaning softly, was a huge… thing… halfway between human-shaped and dragon-shaped. She still wore the remains of what had once been a neat black dress, though she was three times the size of Hatchworth.

Perched near her shoulders was a rough-looking human. No. Not human. He was covered in reddish-bronze scales and had a rainbow of serpents for hair. He was vigorously scratching the dragon’s back.

"That feels better, dunnit?"

The pink metal dragon-thing moaned again. “A little,” she allowed. “All my spinal linkages ache.”

"Side effect of growing a new spine," said the humanish one. "Ey! Hatchy! We heard you were lost…" He patted the pink dragon and slid down both metal flank and fake horde. And somehow, on the way down, he became more human. Almost. There was still something… dragon-y about him. He knelt and showed Fluttershy his empty hands.

"Hi there, li’l darlin’. Did you help Hatchy get back?"

"…i understood his name was hatchworth…" Fluttershy murmured.

"Aw, she’s adorable," cooed the transforming human. "It’s okay. I don’t bite. And you’re right. His name is Hatchworth. Hatchy for short.

A new figure appeared, all black and white and a tiny hint of blue. She, too, was larger than life. And came over as strict and severe. She tapped her foot, looked at an invisible watch, and then threw an invisible lasso at Steve and promptly and literally dragged him away.

"Aw c’mon, Bunny… all work and no play…" complained Steve.

"Mime magic," said Hatchworth. "Mimes are among the ma-ny pseudo-hu-man spa-cies in Ka-zoo-land."

Fluttershy used Hatchworth as a mobile shield so she could peek in on a weredragon and a mime work at an invisible lab bench to come up with concoctions for a robot who was changing into a full-time dragon.

"You have a very confusing reality," Fluttershy finally announced once she was done understanding it all.

"It is," said Hatchworth. "And it’s home."

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georgeisabass said: This is a tumblr hug (づ  ̄ω  ̄ )づ. Send this to 10 of your favorite followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs

I don’t have favourite followers. I love all of them.

Accept the hug. Passing it on is not necessary.

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themrstephenpike said: With the Aesthetic changes the band has gone through, how do you see SPG looking in 5 years time? 10 years?




We’re probably just going to wear giant solid color foam three dimensional shapes on stage. I’ll be a green pyramid, Hatchworth will be an orange sphere, and Rabbit will be a blue dodecahedron.

People will question our aesthetic choices…and we will simply flip them the bird under our giant solid color foam three dimensional shape costumes.

Art prompt?


Here’s my quick MS Paint interpretation. Someone else’s turn now :P

So this is what that comic’s about.

July 31, 2014

e-magicnation said: What is a writing prompt exactly? Would it be something like "The Spine's ex-hat" or would it be a descriptive paragraph, or maybe even a scene opener?

People send me any darn thing they like. Links to art posts, art, quasi-coherent ramblings… They send me quotes, phrases, paragraphs and, on at least one occasion, single words [“catbug” in case you were wondering. I didn’t know what that was and added a new genetech abomination to my pet universe].

Some scene openers folks have sent me wound up being punchlines. Some have remained scene openers. Some, like today, have been crossover requests.

I will use anything I can get and take it in weird directions. Very possibly into my pet universe. Which I am desperately trying to sell to my dear followers.

I bet I can get a story out of word salad.

Have at me.

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Challenge #00581 - A206: At the Other End of a Tunnel Through Snornia

(( You did say to stop the promptspam when you hit like 70, I think the plan was to try and keep things at a steady level of around 20 instead of spamming all at once and then waiting for things to drop off ))

Prompt: Hatchworth and Fluttershy in Equestria

[AN: The amount of prompts is an ongoing problem. Too many and my readers get bored waiting for any of theirs to turn up. Too few and I start fretting about having enough prompts. ANY clue for a nice stable number would be nice.]

Hatchworth had initially been in Kazooland to visit Upgrade in Snornia. Only to find that the pink dragon-robot-princess was hibernating in order to accelerate her transformation.

He’d left her some more plastic costume jewellery [pink, of course] and went exploring.

And promptly got lost.


Fluttershy turned back to reassure Spike, having marvelled at seeing Peewee the baby Phoenix take wing and rejoin his family.

Her comforting words died in her throat when she realised that there was a third… individual… in the clearing.

It stood tall, on two legs like Discord. And it seemed to be made almost entirely out of bronze. It steamed. And ticked.

And smiled.

"Oh…" it murmured. "That was beau-ti-ful."

Spike said, “What the heck are *you*?”

It raised a red-and-black gloved hand to tip its entire head to them. “My name’s Hatch-worth. I am  one of Colo-nel Wal-ter’s Steam Po-wered Au-ton-o-mous Au-tom-a-tons.” He leaned down to murmur, “I’m in the band, now.”

"Oh my goodness," said Fluttershy.

He grinned at her. “Hel-lo, ma’am,” another tip of his head. “May I ex-plore here? This land looks like so much fun.”


It was later. Mayhem had evidently ensued in the form of sandwiches over every level surface. And spiders.

There was a sobbing bronze automaton in the middle of it.

"There, there," cooed Fluttershy. "It’s all right…"

"…i only wanted to help…" bawled Hatchworth.

Twilight Sparkle vented a noise somewhere between a sigh and a howl to the heavens that life was unfair. “I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she said. “It’s just that lots of ponies don’t like spiders like you do. And maybe every pony would be happier - including the spiders - if all the spiders went… somewhere… else?”

Only Discord thought this was hilarious. They were all still working on his sense of humour.

A steam-filled sigh. “Nobody liked spiders like I do,” he pouted. Then pulled a mandolin and started playing a catchy little tune.

It was like watching Pinkie Pie round up all the Parasprites. The spiders just… danced their way back into the machine’s hatch.

And when he was done singing the Tickly Spider Dance… he put away the mandolin and firmly closed his hatch. “My sand-wich-es are still de-lic-ious.”

"…celestia help me…" Twilight groaned.

"Of course they are!" Pinkie Pie bounced into the scene. "I’ve got everything I need to hold the biggest, bestest sandwich party for the whole town!"

"Yaaaaay!" Hatchworth cheered.

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